Rearguard Obstructionism

Those who support the CO2 hypothesis for global warming or climate change are poised to obstruct the rollback of regulations requiring the cutting of CO2 and other GHG emissions. Whether it will be Hollywood celebrities crying over issues, or organized Continue reading Rearguard Obstructionism

IPCC CO2 Reductions

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently issued its 5th assessment on climate change, essentially reaffirming that disaster awaits the world if CO2 emissions aren’t cut worldwide to 50% below 1990 levels by 2050. The various sections of the Continue reading IPCC CO2 Reductions

Watch the Sun

Watching the sun could provide clues about global warming1. In 1800, William Herschel, a leading astronomer, established that the price of wheat was linked to the number of sunspots. During years of good weather wheat was plentiful and the price Continue reading Watch the Sun

Germany: The Canary for Renewables

It’s difficult to evaluate the effect of renewables on electricity rates in the United States, in the abstract. People opposing wind and solar predict that rates will increase substantially, while proponents reject these assertions. That’s why Germany can be useful Continue reading Germany: The Canary for Renewables

There is no Denying Global Warming

As a teenager, I remember the Hudson River freezing from Manhattan to New Jersey, a width of about one mile, with blocks of ice jumbled among the less thick ice, or few open areas. Cars raced on the frozen surface Continue reading There is no Denying Global Warming

Carbon Tax Folly

In his New York Times op-ed, Friedman calls for the imposition of a carbon tax1. Not only is this a terrible idea, but it’s totally unnecessary. At $25 per ton, it could, according to Friedman, raise around $1 trillion over Continue reading Carbon Tax Folly