Importance of Duck Curve

…Importance of Duck Curve… The Duck Curve was prepared by the California System Operator (CAISO) to depict the pending problems associated with adding more renewables to the grid. There are several ways to evaluate wind and solar. One method evaluates Continue reading Importance of Duck Curve

The Environmental-Industrial Complex

The Environmental-Industrial Complex One expects the environmental movement to publish reports extolling so-called clean energy and pathways to a carbon free world. But industries have joined in, and support these same reports. A recent report from the Rocky Mountain Institute, Continue reading The Environmental-Industrial Complex

Coal Has a Future

In spite of the media’s constant harangue over the dangers of using coal and this administration’s war on coal, the future of coal isn’t as black as one might think. While most coal is used for power generation, a significant Continue reading Coal Has a Future

Deceitful Studies

Some organizations publish studies purporting to demonstrate why their proposals are good for America, but the studies are based on opinions masquerading as facts. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEE) recently published another study, quoted by the liberal Continue reading Deceitful Studies

Germany’s Failing Energiewende, Part 2

In spite of Germany’s efforts to cut CO2 emissions from fossil fuels, coal-fired power generation continues to produce approximately 42% of Germany’s electricity. Natural gas only produces 9% due to the high cost of natural gas, which is mostly procured Continue reading Germany’s Failing Energiewende, Part 2

Germany’s Failing Energiewend, Part 1

Could Germany’s program for reducing CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuels with renewables be failing? In 2014, approximately 25% of Germany’s electricity was produced from wind and solar, with the goal of having 60% produced from wind and solar by Continue reading Germany’s Failing Energiewend, Part 1